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* The crisis in South Sudan has been a lot in the media. Please pray for the new nation and the meetings that are taking place. * Pray that all our students will be able to reach ECC savely and will be able to continue their studies. * Pray especially for our students who are staying in the UN-camps and those who stay in the war-zone-states.

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Newsletter April2014


Greetings from Goli / South Sudan!

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Dear people,

this Christmas I want to ask you to pray for peace in South Sudan. As you can see in the media, there is unrest in the country.

Pray especially for our students, some stay in the UN-camps without food. They are scared to be killed by people of another tribe.

On this moment I am in the Netherlands and I am planning to fly to Uganda on the 2nd of January. In Uganda I will hear from colleagues when to go back to South Sudan and how I can help.

Please keep on praying for the country and have a PEACEFULL Christmas!

With love,



Celebrate the graduationparty with us!

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Dear people,

hereby a newsletter from South Sudan:

Dear all,

Hereby a short message from South Sudan.

In August I will celebrate Summer in Holland.

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Dear all,

a new newsletter!

Enjoy it!


Have a great Easter and enjoy the joful from South Sudan!

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Warm greetings from South Sudan!

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Dear people,

Hereby I send you a Christmas greeting with a special Christmas song! Weledu yesu – Lovely ladies This is a song of Esther. In South Sudan I have enjoyed her  talent for singing and her passion for worship music.

This is also the moment to reflect on 2012. I am so thankful for this year! Your involvement in the mission in South Sudan has been such an encouragement to me. Thank you!

I wish you… and our students, teachers and children in South Sudan an inspiring 2013!

Do you wish the same? You could send a donation to: 155667777 Iteams o.v.v. Van der Draai – Inspiring 2013!

Or tell others about the mission in South Sudan. (Click on the link to download the Dutch flyer)

God’s blessings,

Hilde van der Draai.