Prayer Requests

* The crisis in South Sudan has been a lot in the media. Please pray for the new nation and the meetings that are taking place. * Pray that all our students will be able to reach ECC savely and will be able to continue their studies. * Pray especially for our students who are staying in the UN-camps and those who stay in the war-zone-states.

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Dear friends,
This year I would like to give you a special long newsletter as Christmas gift!
Enjoy reading all highlights of 2017 of the teacher training program in South Sudan:
december 2017 news

Dear friends,
with a grateful heart I share with you this newsletter about the teaching practice of our third year diploma students. I hope you will enjoy it!
Newsletter July 2017

Dear friends,
Hereby a newsletter from South Sudan.
Please click on the link below to read it:
Newsletter June 2017

Dear friends,
With a grateful heart I am sending you the newsletter of March 2017 from South Sudan. Despite all challenges we are able to continue our programs and have celebrated an unforgettable graduation in Ajuong Thok. Enjoy and be blessed.
Newsletter March 2017

Dear friends,

this time I am sending you a newsletter from the Netherlands to update you with information about the current situation of our work in South Sudan.

If you are living in the Netherlands, you are invited to listen to my personal testimony on Sunday 11th of December at 11AM in Crossroads International Church (Room 2.050, Sportlaan 27 in Amstelveen).

Let us keep praying for our dear friends in South Sudan.

Click on this link to read the newsletter: newsletter-december-2016

Wish you all a very blessed Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.


Dear friends,

greetings from South Sudan!

Click on the link below to open my latest newsletter.



Dear people,

Thank you for your interest and support in this ministry in South Sudan. I am so grateful to be able to update you with more information about my work. This time a newsletter with details about our teacher training program in Ajuong Thok – a refugeecamp nearby Sudan. I hope you will be blessed as you read it.

Newsletter June 2016

Dear people,

click on the link to find a short newsletter with an update about our students’ teaching practice.

Newsletter March 2016

Dear people,

Hereby the first newsletter of 2016.

I hope it will be a blessing to you to learn more about our mission in South Sudan.

Newsletter February 2016




Dear all,

hereby the last newsletter of 2015.

I wish you all an enjoyable Christmas and a blessed new year!

Newsletter December 2015