Prayer Requests

* The crisis in South Sudan has been a lot in the media. Please pray for the new nation and the meetings that are taking place. * Pray that all our students will be able to reach ECC savely and will be able to continue their studies. * Pray especially for our students who are staying in the UN-camps and those who stay in the war-zone-states.

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In February 2011 ECC and Mount Meru University launched a three years Pre-Service program of Diploma in Education at ECC. The main purpose of this program is to equip the public, private and church school teachers with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to be more effective and professional teachers in the schools. This diploma is awarded by Mount Meru University an established Christian University in Tanzania. The diploma offered by the Tanzania High Commission for University.

Course objectives

This program aims at equipping teachers to be effective agents of transformation in their communities, developing them as passionate teachers gripped by their vocation and profession and to live it fervently.

The specific objectives include:

  • Equipping the students with professional skills that would make them effective teachers in all school related work.
  • Empowering students with practical knowledge and skills of integrating Biblical, moral values and principles in all school related issues.
  • Enabling students to teach all levels in (pre-) primary school.
  • Preparing students to think creatively and helping them to develop creative thinking in pupils.
  • Training leaders who will influence society and advocate improvement of quality life in their community.